Precision engineered and hand craft finished by DD McLeod Design


Dashboard Grab Handle ** new **

Fine sand cast bronze, hand finished and polished, chrome plated. Translucent sunburnt red lacquer badge

Supplied with pair 2BA raised head s.s. mountng screws

USD 115 plus P&P



Hand crafted remake tool-roll. In heavy duty art grade canvas and hessian, and Italian vegetable dyed black leather trim, Edging in recycled leather-cloth with cream stitching. Hand dyed to order in shades of colours from cream, lemon, chocolate brown and burgundy red,

Made to order, Please state colour selection. Originals were lemon cream canvas, sunburnt red hessian, black edging and leather, and cream stitching.

USD 150 plus P&P


PB/NB 30mph Warning Light

Remake of the 1935/36 PB/NB 30mph warning light. Crafted in brass, nickel plated holder. Crafted and machined chrome plated lens holder, hand crafted cotton filament reinforced lens. Original refurbished Lucas WL4 lamp holder, wings fitted as necessary

Made to order only, 4 week order lead time.

USD 195 plus P&P

Lens only USD 95 plus P&P


Remake of the mid 1930s 7/16" BSF tappet spanner with 0.008" feeler gauge for ohc MG engines.

Original part number: MG2867


Laser cut and milled HT steel blank to 1/8" t/ness, Ground, polished and forge tempered. Milled spanner faces. Hand made rivet and burr, hand cut feeler gauge.

Hand engraved markings DDMD MG2867

Price: USD 87.50 ea.


Sump Plug Spanner

Late model ohc MG sump plug spanner. 

Remake of original part number: MG2742

Laser cut and milled 1/2" square blank hand ground and polished. Forge tempered. 

Markings stamped: DDMD MG2742

Optional sizing as either profile of an original (right of photo), or as interpreted from the factory parts list (left). Please specify. Made to order.

Price: USD 60.00 ea.


Engine Fume Seal

Original profile P Type MG firewall fume seal. 

Laminated and welded automotive-grade foam rubber sections.

Extra strength, flexibility, and long lasting, adjustable for effective seal.

Price: USD 135.00 each plus P&P

Extra height for Airline/special body add USD 15.00


Pre-war MG Rudge-Whitworth Knock-on Wheel Hammer

Original profile hammer.

Cast lead alloy white metal head painted engine enamel black. 

Stamped on inside DDMD MG P330-117, date stamp on top 

Hand carved and finished US Hickory handle, wooden wedged and steel pinned to head.

Price USD 157.50 each. 

Trafficator Box for Lucas SF24 Trafficator

Precision crafted on steel forming blocks

To original design, test fitted.

21g (0.8mm) body and 18g (1.2mm) end plates

Spot welded panel steel, electro-galvanized finish epoxy painted inside (spin galvanize shown)

Rubber grommet or option for machined brass eyelet 

Stamped with date stamp on lug, and DDMD, HAM-NZ, model no. SF24-L2 on the base. 

Price USD 68.50 each (rubber grommet).


Pre War MG Long Type Battery - Hold Downs 1/4" BSF

Chrome plated brass nuts, lapped fit

Made to order and in small batches

Electro-galvanized mild steel rods 272mm long

Price USD 87.50 pair


Trafficator Escutcheon Plates for Lucas SF24 Trafficator

Die formed ,025" from laser cut brass blanks.

Hand finished and polished for nickel-chrome plating finish.

Test fitted with an original SF24 Trafficator

Supplied with polished stainless steel raised head countersunk 2BA bolt, cup washer, washer and nut

Price USD 60.00 each


Escutcheon Plates, Mounting Boxes and Polished 2BA Stainless Steel Hardware Set for SF24 Trafficators

 Price: USD 250.00 set plus P&P


1/8W Rocker Spanner

Laser cut, ground and polished hand forged mild steel. Milled faces. Engraved DDMD MG1959        Length 3-5/8"

Price USD 35.00 plus P&P  


Tool-kit Paper - Tool-kits for the Late Model ohc Triple-M Engine Cars  by Donald McLeod

Models L, K, N & P

18 pages in full colour, photos and descriptions of factory original tools, period accessories and replacements, and some remake tools

Bound with plastic spine, and leather look covers

USD 25.00 + P&P (reduced postage letter rate)